Surface technology -
envisaged as a whole.

We understand surfaces.


Perfect solutions in surface technology only arise when everything is considered together as a whole: the chemical processes, the equipment, the comprehensive advice and service performances, a customer-oriented production, storage and delivery, and last but not least a professional team that understands your industry best.


Whatever you need, whether an overall concept, a chemical question, automated equipment, manual equipment, or you simply need to re-order something, don't hesitate to ask us.

Your success is our goal


Our goal is the security of your production process and the satisfaction of your customers.

  • Thanks to our close partnership with worldwide companies we can be sure that you and we stay at the cutting edge of new technology development.
  • Thanks to our own labs and pilot plant you can expect quick, flexible and unique, made to measure individual solutions from us.
  • With targeted training at your premises, at ours or in the ERNE academia we can ensure that you reach best results in your daily practice.
  • As a matter of course we look after our quality and environmental standards meticulously.


An independent family business


Eight decades after its founding in 1936, ERNE surface AG is today one of the leading companies for all concerns in surface technology. The company has remained an independent Swiss family-run business, and has grown from a one man concern of Fritz Erne to a company employing 40 top trained and experienced employees.

We have learnt a lot over the many years, and continue to learn every day. Just ask us!



Product and performance portfolio


Chemistry for electroplating

  • Functional and decorative galvanisation processes
  • Processes for the manufacturing and assembly of PCB
  • Bronzing, phosphatising and anodic processes
  • Advice, service and analysis


Equipment for electroplating

  • Engineering
  • Automated and manual equipment
  • Replacement parts, service and maintenance
  • RMA-ion exchange systems


Chemicals for industry, laboratory and trade

  • Galvanisation chemicals
  • Chemicals for schools, universities and scientific institutes
  • Chemical specialities
  • Services

We can do more
for you than you
imagine – just ask us.

Martin Kauer

Member of the Management Team

Area of Operations: Equipment


My first memory of contact with chemistry, and surface technology in particular, is as a teenager during a holiday job at an analytical lab of a company specialising in galvanising circuit boards. The changes in materials that I observed there fascinated me, and resulted in my persuing an apprenticeship as a chemical lab technician, followed by a degree in Chemistry at University of applied Sciences in Winterthur.

In my career as a developmental chemist, marketing manager and sales/business unit leader, surfaces and their properties have always played diverse and important roles. Whether as, for example, in the pre-treatment of sealant and glue components in the car and transport industry, or in the preparation of surgical instruments and equipment (cleaning and disinfection) in clinics and hospitals.


Decisive for our customers constant success was a holistic approach including the optimal surface technology techniques, choice of the most cost-effective processes and of the correct chemical and technical products as well as an understanding after-sales service.

I would like to expand exactly this approach as "Full service Provider", working with the team at ERNE surface AG, in order to continue to deliver the best quality at least cost for our customers and partners.

These challenges are our incentive for consistently innovative, economic and precise solutions in the electroplating industry.

As a child it was always an exciting adventure to be allowed to visit the company with my father. My own three children experience the same pleasure when they are allowed to visit the company with me. My first experience of electroplating technology was when we were allowed to gold plate a dog's collar in the lab - it was fascinating! From then on I had a deep respect not only for chemistry and its dangers but not least also for the people who know how to handle it safely.


Even today I am regularly impressed by the results of plating technology, especially as a result of team work: each member of the ERNE team brings a different skill that together produce our top results.


As company owner it's important to me that our employees are happy at work, and that they feel "at home" whilst here. It gives me great satisfaction that they feel proud of their work, and that we can enthuse our customers for ERNE surface AG too.

Whenever anybody asked me as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was always clear: inventor! What better, than to turn your dream into your job? I had the luck and the ability to do so; today I am an inventor, that is to say, a development engineer with mandates for the customers of ERNE surface AG.


To be a development engineer one has to be able to make the most from available resources and possibilities. Only then is the best solution possible. But a good inventor also knows that working alone never works. The lonely genius of developer exists only in fiction. Best results are reached in teams: everyone is challenged to share their knowledge and ideas. Teamwork is the only way we can be the innovative and reliable partner for our customers.

Standard solutions?
No such thing.

Equipment and Chemistry perfectly matched


An exact solution never follows a standard recipe.


In order to fulfill the exact specification and requirements it is essential to work in close partnership with one another. Extensive trials in our pilot plant, or directly with the customer, ensure the optimal surface coating demanded.

Our extensive experience and intuition guarantee optimal results.


Our equipment and processes are custom made: whether in our laboratories, our pilot plant or our workshop.





Solutions in Equipment


Watchmaking industry:

Compact equipment for nickel-plating of watch components (A-493)

Completed 2015

Customer name on request.

Ansicht der Nickelwanne
Ansicht der Nickelwanne
Visualisation du Touchpanel
Visualisation du Touchpanel
  • Tanks constructed from "PP"
  • 4 built-in "ERNE-Move T" controls
  • Built-in controls and monitoring of process parameters and rectifiers
  • Control and display of all parameters from four touchpanels
  • Dosage of additions measured with an in-built Amp-hour counter
  • Modern, ergonomic design
  • Rectifiers with current settings
  • Direction and level of the "ERNE-Move T" controls continuously adjustable
  • Rectifiers on a time control
  • Operator friendly use
  • PDF

Watchmaking industry:

Compact precious metal electroplating equipment (A-499)

Completed: 2015

Customer name on request.

View of the installed facilities
View of the installed facilities


  • Modern, functional design
  • Modular, expendable construction
  • Optimal rinsing technology with manually triggered, time controlled fresh water supply and all round spray rinsing
  • Constructed of "PP" with aluminum profile frames
  • PDF

Coinage industry:

Equipment for Hard chrome-plating for coinage (A-472)

Completed 2012

Customer name on request

View of the whole facility
View of the whole facility
Detailed view
Detailed view
  • Modern, functional design
  • Freely programmable controls
  • Special contacting system for coinage stamp
  • Water preparation facility
  • "MIST ELIMINATOR/ DROPLET CATCHER" with cleaning function
  • Compact, energy efficient cooling facilities
  • Water effecient "REAR SUCTION SYSTEM" in the rinsing cascade
  • PDF


Rail industry:

Tank cart for emptying and filling cold liquids in trains (A-486)

Completed: 2014

Customer name on request.

Vue du chariot citerne au lieu d'utilisation
Vue du chariot citerne au lieu d'utilisation

Mobile construction from PP

  • Pneumatic pump system
  • System pressure display
  • Fill capacity indicator with level tube mounted on the side
  • Simple switching of the pump direction using a manual ball tap
  • No electrical connection necessary
  • PDF
Vue en production chez Veralit
Vue en production chez Veralit
Vue du nouveau département Stalder
Vue du nouveau département Stalder

Our requirements
for standards are
clear: only the
highest will do.


High quality and constant optimisation


ERNE surface AG assures consistent high quality and has been certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001 since 1998 and since 2002 according to the environment  management system ISO 14001. Of highest importance to us is the constant monitoring and improvements to the quality of our offers, our processes, our production facilities and organisation, as well as the further training of our personnel. That high quality applies equally to economic, social and environmental considerations.

Strict environmental standards


Considerations of the environment, climate protection and energy efficiency are at the top of the list when making decisions and suggesting solutions to you.


Our ground rules are strict: the only solutions we consider must comply to the most up to date environmental techniques that allow sensible reduce, re-use and recycling of valuable raw materials. Waste reduction, separation and safe disposal of materials are part and parcel of the package.


The advantages are not only environmental but also economic, which you as the customer profit from. It goes without saying that ERNE surface AG is also certified by the environmental management system ISO 14001.


Voluntary climate protection and energy effeciency


We are also committed to the voluntary program of the "Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector” through which we have pledged to actively reduce CO2 emissions and to optimise energy efficiency.


SSO Charter


By signing the Chart of the SSO (Schweizerische Stiftung für Oberflächentechnik/Swiss Foundation for Surface Technology) we have also committed ourselves to legal and environmental waste disposal requirements. Which concretely means we are required to reduce waste, improve recyclability and the recovery of raw materials. We are also obliged to ensure that disposal is carried out by companies adhering to the SSO quality norms for "Disposal of metal hydroxides slush.


80 years old and
full of good ideas.

ERNE anniversary celebrations


Under the motto "Fresh, bright, precise" we celebrated the 80th anniversary of the founding of ERNE surface AG on the 2nd September 2016 - with music and specialities from the eight decades, interesting discussions and an insight into our company.


We acknowledge who it is who has enabled us to celebrate our anniversary: our employees, our customers and our partners. Many thanks!


You find pictures of this event here.



ERNE academia


At least once a year we organize a technical customer seminar. Please find more information here.

The professionals of surface treatments.

Job vacancies


Many thanks for your interest in ERNE surface AG. Our career portfolio includes galvanisation techniques, laboratory work, logistics and business. 


Unfortunately there are currently no job vacancies available. However we encourage you to check with us from time to time; maybe we will have something for you.




Galvanisation techniques and electroplating will always need well-trained professionals who love both the work and the manual operation. We have always been a training company and take our responsibility to provide high quality training to the next generation very seriously.