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It's hard to find an industry that can endure without electroplating techniques. In fact, the required specific material properties are rarely achieved without functional or decorative surface technologies.


With many years of experience ERNE surface has the knowledge to cover all methods and fields of application. There are no sectors whose needs we don't know, and no sectors for whom our experienced professionals haven't already found exact solutions.

We have many notable swiss and international customers form the fields of machine building, electronics and printed circuit technology, aero- and astronautics, medical engineering, taps and faucets, watches and jewelry, as well as many contract manufacturing firms who produce top quality products for their customers daily.


If you are looking for a solution to a particularly tricky problem in a speciality field then look no further. You can be assured we will have an idea. We have a reputation for creative ingenuity!


Top quality
our customers.

Longstanding, satisfied customers


We have many notable longstanding satisfied customers. Examples of successful projects can be found under References. Call us for examples of our assignments and the solutions that we found. Just ask!


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Mechanical engineering (machine building)


Electronics and printed circuit technology


Aero- and astronautics


 Watches and Jewelry

Contract manufacturing / job shops

Top quality
our partners.

Partners on whom we can rely


We guarantee the best solution for you; that depends not only on us but on our top quality partners.


The quality of the source of chemistry and equipment plays a decisive role; we only accept the best. We know that our partners are the technological leaders in their fields and that we can rely on them, even when we need something more out of the ordinary.


It's with good reason these are our "partners" and not just our "suppliers".