There's no
method we
don't know and
no technique
we can't do.

It all depends on the correct procedures


For us, technique is not just about the right choice of galvanising methods, but, just as importantly, is about which approach to choose for the ideal outcome. It goes without saying that we start with best practice in mind.


Focussing on the whole and pairing our extensive experience with an intuition for detail, we reach the result that exactly meets with your requirements.

Functional and decorative plating techniques


Many techniques are combined to reach the desired outcome: the process from pre-treatment to "Trocknungshilfe" combines several decorative coatings, for example with copper, nickel or chrome, as well as with precious metal plating.

We offer a complete range of services covering functional coatings with hard chromium or electroless nickel as well as with zinc and zinc alloys electrolytes, including corresponding passivation and post-treatment giving excellent corrosion protection.


Electronics and printed circuit Technology


Modern printed circuit production requires a mastery of a diversity of methods and techniques. The biggest challenges lie in trying to find the ideal combination; from preparation techniques to selecting the best photoresist and the optimal final coating.

ERNE surface AG is extremely well equipped and experienced in this sector.


Blackening, Phosphatising and Anodising


ERNE surface AG has been blackening for its customers since 1936 and therefore delivers results with the corresponding experience and excellence. You can rely on plenty of know how in this area.


Aluminium treatment is often seen as a challenge. However, whether it's electrolytical anodising with decorative and corrosion protective properties, or surface preparation before powdercoating: once again ERNE surface AG knows exactly what to do.


Cleaning stainless steel, etching and post-treatments


Physical or heat induced stress on stainless steel can create disturbances on the unseen corrosion-resistant passive layers of a material. Chemical surface treatments (dipping or spraying) give an even and consistent passive layer that eliminates scales, tempering colours and surface rust. The end product is a technically and optically flawless surface.


ERNE surface AG has an etching solution for almost every application, and also complies with environmental protection standards (e.g. without nitric acid).


Advice, Service and Analysis


Even the best solution is only the second best if the corresponding analysis, high quality service and professional advice is not on hand.

We provide sought-after training through our courses from ERNE academia, which we offer in our pilot plant, in our own laboratories or even on location.

These can help you reach the very best results for your customers.


Chemicals –
High quality and
of established

Cutting-edge technology


You can be sure that our chemicals are sourced only from the most reliable manufacturers. We have good connections to our international partners which we use to your advantage; we offer competence and flexibility in delivering your industrial chemicals, which allows us to tailor your requests to exactly what you need.

By providing expert advice and the right packaging regardless of the size of the order we ensure value for money for every customer.

Plating chemicals


We supply all the important chemicals required for surface technology: from inorganic salts, anodes, the most important acids and bases to all resources for waste water management and rinsewater processing.


Chemicals for Schools/Training


We have a comprehensive stock of the organic and inorganic chemicals needed for lab experiments. Delivery is usually within 24 hrs.


Cleaning chemicals


We are THE specialist for many in the industry seeking solutions and cleaning concepts. Our individual, highly efficient and sustainable concepts can be custom fit to each customer.


Support services


Personal advice is number one. It is always worth calling us: for advice before or after purchase, for technical chemical questions, for new installations or for waste disposal of left over chemicals. You will be surprised what we can achieve!


Please click here for a detailed list of chemicals, lab-accessories and consumables.


We offer everything
from the engineering
to after service care.

Everything under one roof


From decades of experience we have developed the knowledge needed for economically and environmentally optimal equipment, working together with the best technological partners in the field.


We provide everything you need in one place: advice, planning, process engineering, installation and bringing into service. Naturally we also provide you with the best training, service and maintenance.

Customer specific equipment for every size


We have a large range of equipment from small manual equipment to completely automated equipment which allows us to tailor your individual requirements to give exactly the consistent and reliable results that you expect. All this is done using environmentally friendly technologies


Replacement parts, Service and Maintenance


Our large warehouse facilities mean that we have all the replacement parts and consumables needed to process your order on site as quickly as possible. Our careful maintenance planning and reliable backup service avoids needless waiting on your part.


RMA-Ion exchange systems


Our patented ion exchange system is the perfect answer to the challenge of water conservation. Whether it's the treatment of rinsed or waste water, ion exchange is an all-round performer. We ensure good environmental practice by regenerating the resin cartridges in house.


Please click here for a detailed technical catalogue and special offers.


We provide
essential training.

For professionals by professionals


We hear time and again from our customers that we have thought of everything. Whilst we love to hear praise, more important is whether you can pass this on with successful products for your own customers.


That's why we like to stick to the principle: know your tools and the results will follow.

Customer training is an essential part of our service, whether in your firm, at our testing plant in our labs or at one of our ERNE academia seminars.

At the ERNE academia we regularly tackle the principles and details of electroplating that are relevant to your daily work. Along with invaluable tips and ideas we cover the theory and practice of which chemistry and equipment you need to achieve the best and most efficient results.


These are courses for professionals by professionals - time and again we find that we too always learn something new.


Our seminars are held in German/French.

Please have a look at the corresponding section.